About us

We are a metal construction company specialized in producing construction parts for the concrete industry, for example: steel gutters, grids and angled frameworks for drainage systems, and (protection for) angled frameworks for industrial flooring. We are also available for any other metal related inquires.



Kanban machine
Metalen plaat


Our products

Product 1

To fabricate our end products as efficiently as possible and we use modern, state-of-the-art, machinery. Together with years of experience we are ready to take on any inquiry.

Product 2

For questions or information regarding our products feel free to call, send an e-mail or step by our plant for a more personal welcome. Our contact details are listed below.

Product 3

Feel free to reach out for custom products or inquiries, so we can discuss how best to meet your needs.

Our intergrated products

Below are some examples of our integrated products

Ingestort metaal bij treinspoor
Levering met vrachtwagen

Our machinery

Below some examples of our state of the art machinery

Kanband machine

CNC Press Brake


Bending Machine

Machine 3

Hydraulic Iron Worker 40 tons


CNC Guilotine Shear

Machine lintzaag

Fully automatic band sawing machine

machine pons/knip

80 tons Iron Worker